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Learning and Leadership

The IUHR welcomes interdisciplinary and community collaborations. Toward this end, the IUHR provides affiliated faculty and researchers with consultation on study design, quantitative and qualitative research methods, survey and research instrument development, data collection and data management, and statistical analysis. The IUHR offers affiliated faculty scientific and technical support in preparation of grants, collaboration on IRB applications and manuscript preparation, seminars to present research ideas, and connections to internal and external experts.

Students interested in urban health research are able to obtain mentoring from researchers and faculty and participate in training opportunities through paid and non-paid internships and independent studies.

Through our Fellowships and Faculty Scholars Program in Urban Health Research, the IUHR creates pathways for student involvement in research and supports the development of faculty into leadership roles in urban health research.


IUHR Student Fellowships provide Northeastern University undergraduate and graduate students opportunities for hands-on experience working in the field of urban health research. Fellows participate in ongoing research, learn about preparation of grant applications, attend seminars, receive mentoring from experienced researchers, and meet local and national experts in the field.

Faculty Scholars Program in Urban Health Research

The goal of the Faculty Scholars Program is to promote the development of interdisciplinary urban health research at Northeastern University. The program provides opportunities for faculty to devote time to the development of research grant applications. Full time Northeastern University faculty members from all disciplines are eligible to apply.