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3rd Annual Women of Courage - Honoring the Women in Our Lives: July 7, 2011
Lifetime Achievement Honoree: Dr. Hortensia Amaro

Price: $50.00
Hour: 6:30 pm, Cash Bar
Location: Artists for Humanity, 100 West 2nd Street, Boston, MA

2011 NHSN Conference: August 25 - August 27, Miami, FL

The eleventh annual conference for the National Hispanic Sciences Network has been scheduled for August 25- August 27, 2011 in Miami, FL.

The theme of this year’s conference is: Pathways toward Health Equities in Hispanic Population. Panels are being formed to discuss the “Etiologies of Health Disparities”, “Existing Interventions”, as well as “Health Reforms and Policies”. We are looking forward to another stimulating conference with many opportunities for mentoring and collaboration discussions. This is an excellent platform for young investigators to promote their research focus as well as a chance to hear the latest from those who manage the policy and finances.

Dr. Deborah McKoy, UC Berkeley: Connecting Cities and Schools - The role of public education in creating equitable, healthy and sustainable communities. (March 2010)

Dr. Sandro Galea, Columbia University: Cities and the Mental Health of Populations (March 2010)

Phil Tegeler and Hannah Cooper: Choosing a Healthy Neighborhood - Housing Choice, Opportunity and Well-Being. (February 2010)

Ashleigh Starke, Program Director: Addressing the Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Youth: The AjA project

Dr. Oliva Espin - "Is Domestic Violence a cultural tradition?...and other questions about gender and migration." (October 2009)

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish (April 2009)

Dr. Felton Earls, Professor of Human Behavior and Development, Harvard School of Public Health; Dr. Alisa Lincoln, Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Northeastern University; Dr. Silvia Dominguez, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Northeastern University (March 2009)

Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogota, Columbia; "What happens when you give street space back to the people? Urban Happiness." (February 2009)

IUHR Symposium (November 2008) featuring:

Joanna Almeida, ScD, "Is blood thicker than water? Social support, depression and the modifying role of ethnicity and nativity status."

Sheryl Mendlinger, ABD, "The mother daughter relationship as a buffer from mental health distress in times of transition: immigration and childbirth."

Claudia Santelices, PhD, "Drinking Behavior and HIV Risk among Migrant Farm Workers in the Connecticut River Valley".

Dr. Julie Cwikel, "Psychiatric Emergency Rooms: Barometers, Petri dishes and Critical points of intervention" (November 2006)

Dr. Julie Cwikel, "Using Social Epidemiology as a Tool for Understanding the Health Impact of Trafficking in Women for Work in the Sex Industry" (November 2006)

Dr. Nora Volkow "Addiction and the Brain" (November 2005)

Katie Rubin "Insides OUT!" (September 2005)

Dr. Guillermo Prado, "Advancing the science of Drug Abuse and HIV Preventive Interventions for Hispanic Adolescents" (February 2005)

Maria Cecilia Zea "Disclosure of HIV-Positive Status Among Latino Gay and Bisexual Men" (February 2005)

Public Health in Crisis: A Threat to Communities; A Challenge to the Academy (April 2004)

The Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project: Monitoring Social Inequalities in Health (February 2004)

Bridges for Peace (December 2003)

Dr. Jean Flatley-McGuire, "Hepatitis C: Thinking About Prevention", "AIDS in MA: Considering the Implications of Epidemiologic Information for Prevention and Care" (November 2003)

Dr. Norman Anderson "Unraveling the Mystery of Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Why, What, When, Where, How, and Especially, Why?" (October 2003)

International Conference on Urban Health (October 2003)

Against Silence (October 2003)

AIDS Action Committee, Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work, and Northeastern University Institute on Urban Health Women and HIV Forum (October 2003)

The Multicultural Alternative Health & Healing Expo %7e Helping people tap into alternative healing systems (August 2003)

HIV Conference (April 2003)

Asthma Program (May 2003)

2-Day Symposium: HIV/AIDS: Who is at Risk? (March 2003)

The Therapeutic Implications of Gender, Race/Ethnicity and Class: Women's Health Conference (February 2003)

Surgeon General Visit (February 2003)

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