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Institute on Urban Health Research Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

The IUHR's research focuses on health issues that disproportionately impact urban communities. Research also investigates racial and ethnic health disparities and the cultural and community contextual factors that impact health status and health care access.

Currently funded IUHR research focuses on:

  • University substance use and abuse
  • Male offenders recovery and re-entry
  • Substance use and abuse prevention and treatment
  • Service interventions for women with a history of trauma, mental illness and addiction
  • Interventions for children diagnosed with asthma
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and policy
  • Impact of health factors on school attendance and performance of inner city school children
  • Psychological resistance among survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Interventions to improve health of patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Medical practice patterns in ethnic and racial health disparities
  • Relationship of traditional, cultural medical practices and health status
  • Opiate addiction and tolerance