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An Institute devoted to knowledge discovery and its practical application to improve personal and public health within urban communities. The IUHR is particularly focused on understanding the social and environmental conditions of urban living in order to inform public health intervention strategies, policies and professional training.

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Areas of Interest

The IUHR's research focuses on health issues that disproportionately impact urban communities. Research also investigates racial and ethnic health disparities and the cultural and community contextual factors that impact health status and health care access.

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Dissemination of Knowledge

Findings stemming from the IUHR's research and other scholarly activities are disseminated through academic publications and presentations, scientific meetings, conferences and forums for practitioners and policy makers, the Institute web site and other media.

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Learning and Leadership

The Institute creates pathways for student involvement in research and equips scholars and researchers to assume leadership roles in urban health research through our Fellowships and Faculty Scholars Program in Urban Health Research.

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Social Marketing Campaign

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