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 Teamwork and Transformation

Learning extends beyond the classroom at Northeastern. Providing students with opportunities for experiential education that links coursework with the real world is central to the mission both of the University and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

Our broad mix of experience-based programs-including co-op, student research, service learning, and global learning-build the connections that enable Bouvé students to transform their lives and gives them valuable opportunities to practice their profession as members of a health care team.

Bouvé students enrich their classroom studies and explore their path by working in professional settings through the University's signature cooperative education program. Working on their own or in partnership with a faculty member, they gain new insights through research. They connect with the community through service learning and other efforts that engage with Boston's neighborhoods. And they expand their educational boundaries and acquire greater world perspective through global learning opportunities.

We believe so strongly in the value of experiential learning, that we require all undergraduates to complete at least one co-op, research, service learning, or global learning experience. See the NU Core requirements. It's the Northeastern difference.

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