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Victoria Caccioppoli
Pharm.D. Class of 2013


Where are you from?

Long Island, NY 


What year are you graduating?

I’m in my fifth year, so I will graduate May 2013.


How did you hear about the School of Pharmacy at Northeastern, and why did you choose pharmacy?

I transferred internally from the biology program. When I was choosing my major in high school, I was thinking more about the subject matter and not about the careers. Pharmacy is a great way to employ all the subjects I enjoyed. Also, I volunteered in a hospital and spent a lot of time in the pharmacy. It made me realize pharmacy would be a great career choice for me. 


Did the co-op program play a role in your decision to attend Northeastern?

Definitely. That is one of the main reasons I came to Northeastern. I thought being able to graduate college with that experience would give me a heads up for what life after graduation is like. 


Where did you do your co-ops?

My first co-op was at a CVS Pharmacy in Long Island. I helped collect and fill the prescriptions and counsel patients. It was interesting getting to know the patient population in a suburban setting. For my next co-op, I worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I filled prescription orders and compounded sterile intravenous medications, and I still work there as weekend staff. My third co-op was at Novartis in Cambridge. I assisted in the development and the maintenance of Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials. 


How beneficial were the co-ops?

Enormously beneficial. Each is a different career possibility for me! I gained so many more skills. Then I saw different things I had learned on the job in the classroom. I understood everything more completely because I saw the connections. 


What student groups and/or leadership roles are you involved in?

I am the President of the Academy of Student Pharmacists, which is the student group for the American Pharmacists’ Association. I’m also a Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society member, Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society member, and Pharmacy Student Government Association representative. I am also a member of Downhillers, which is a skiing club. 


What is your community service involvement?

The Acadamy of Student Pharmacists has an initiative that faculty member Dr. Reid facilitated over the summer, called Operation Diabetes. The other members and I worked with patients at the Dimock Community Health Center in Roxbury. We spoke to the patients about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in preventing diabetes. Following the presentation, we took a field trip with the patients to a local farmers’ market and provided them with coupons to purchase fresh produce.

At Dimock Community Health Center this fall, we set up a three-day long diabetes screening event. Patients in the waiting room at the health center were educated by pharmacy students about how eating healthy and exercising reduces the risk of diabetes. We tested their blood sugar levels and if they had values out of range, we would refer them to their physicians.

I’m also working with faculty member Dr. Horbowicz and other students from the Academy of Student Pharmacists in an initiative to prevent falls in the elderly. We are making a public service announcement about the importance of remaining active and resources that can be accessed to help prevent the falls. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly, I’m not sure. All my co-ops are great career choices so I hope that my sixth year APPE rotations will point me in the right direction. Maybe I’ll decide to do some post-graduate training. 


How do you plan to maintain a connection to Northeastern upon graduation?

Northeastern is my second home now, so I definitely plan to stay connected either through the Alumni Association or by attending the alumni continuing education program at Northeastern.


What would you say to a student who is considering Northeastern?

Come here! It was the best choice I’ve ever made. This campus is like home to me, and Boston is a great place to be when you’re in college. I have been challenged academically at Northeastern and grown as a person because of it. 


What class has made the biggest impact on you so far?

Comprehensive Disease State Management. It is about drugs and how they work on the body. It’s the meat of pharmacy. It is what I came to pharmacy to learn about: how to help the patient. 


What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not studying for classes?

Spend time with friends and family. 


Which dorm did you live in freshman year? 

White Hall. When I was a freshman, I was in an economy triple. All of our beds were lofted, and our stuff squeezed underneath. [laughs] It was definitely a shock, but we are all still good friends. 


What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite study spot is Snell Library, 4th floor. It is easy to concentrate there, but I like being outside on campus in the nice weather. I think that the campus is beautiful. 


A Few Words of Advice:

Manage your time well. Overall, have a good attitude about what you’re doing. Life is what you make of it.

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