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Professors Over The Years


This page shows you some people that you will surely remember from your time at Northeastern University: the professors! The pharmacy legacy begins with their unparalleled instruction and unique dedication to turning students into pharmacists. Scroll through this page to see if you can find any faces you know!


Mansoor Amiji Mansoor Amiji

Judy Barr Judy Barr

Norman Boisse Norman Boisse

Russell Brillheart Russell Brillheart

Todd Brown Todd Brown

Richard Deth Dick Deth

Margarita DiVall Margarita DiVall

Kathy Foley Kathy Foley

Roger Giese Roger Giese

Mike Gonyeau Michael Gonyeau

Jim Inashima Jim Inashima

Sigurdur Jonsson Sigurdur Jonsson

Joe Labrecque Joe Labrecque

Ralph Loring Ralph Loring

Jim Matthews Jim Matthews

John Neumeyer John Neumeyer

Joe Palumbo Joe Palumbo

Herbert Perkins Herbert Perkins

Bob Raffauf Bob Raffauf

Bob Schatz Bob Schatz

Sam Silverman Sam Silverman

Elliot Specter Elliot Specter

Larry SwansonLarry Swanson

Joseph Theodore Joseph Theodore

Vladimir Torchilin Vladimir Torchilin

Jenny Van Amburgh Jenny Van Amburgh

Barbara Waszczak Barbara Waszczak


Nancy Warner Nancy Warner

Mark Yorra Mark Yorra

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