School of Pharmacy


Prof. Alexandros Makriyannis

New weight-loss compound shows promise
Researchers at Northeastern Univerisity's Center for Drug Discovery (CDD) and the National Institutes of Health have created a weight-loss compound that reduces the metabolic and hormonal consequences of obesity, including diabetes, insulin resistance.
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Prof. Mansoor Amiji

Drug-delivery research shows early promise
Northeastern University pharmaceutical sciences professor Mansoor Amiji is leading interdisciplinary research into nanotechnology-based methods of drug delivery that could provide breakthroughs in treating diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer�s, schizophrenia and HIV/AIDS.
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Prof. Barbara L. Waszczak

Professor receives Michael J. Fox Foundation grant
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has awarded a $187,500 grant to a Northeastern pharmacologist to further study a new treatment against Parkinson’s disease. With her colleagues, Professor Barbara Waszczak developed the idea to use an intranasal delivery method to deliver a protein called GDNF (glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor) to the brain, which, in previous studies, has shown promise as a means to stop the progression of the disease in early stages.
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Prof. Robert A. Schatz

A cut away from science
Creating stained glass gives professor another outlet for imaginative, precise mind By Susan Salk (Northeastern Voice - June 19, 2009 Edition)

Robert Schatz is probably the only faculty member, or among a rare few, who has stained glass in his office. It hangs from his windows and bookshelves, brightly colorful. Abstract representations of flowers and birds intertwine with abundantly growing plants growing wild, nearly obscuring his bookshelves. In the middle of it all, at his desk, sits the pharmaceutical sciences professor who, when he isn’t deep in contemplation of toxicology work, is often painstakingly piecing colored glass into representations of nature, abstracts, or ancient symbols.
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