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Pharmacy is not about handing out medications. Pharmacists work with physicians and other health-care professionals in pharmaceutical industries, government agencies, universities, and medical settings.

Combining clinical drug therapy knowledge, excellent problem-solving skills, and effective communication abilities, Pharmacists create, implement, and monitor drug treatment plans.

Our six-year Doctor of Pharmacy program begins with course work in basic sciences (biology and chemistry) and targeted liberal arts (psychology). Over the following four years, you will take courses that approach every area of professional work experience, from hard sciences like biochemistry and immunology to specialized areas like therapeutic drug monitoring, along with courses that broaden your perspective, like jurisprudence and pharmacy management.

Experiential education is a critical component of the program. Beginning your co-ops in the summer after your sophomore year, you will practice in various settings each year thereafter, including three semesters of advanced practice experience in rotations at Boston's world-renowned health-care institutions.

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