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Two application are required in order to apply to the program: the CASPA and Northeastern University Supplemental Applications.

CASPA Application

Northeastern University's PA Program is a participant in CASPA (Centralized Application Service for PAs).  CASPA allows you to apply to multiple participating programs, verifies your application for accuracy, processes the application, and forwards it to your designated PA programs.  The deadline for submission to CASPA for the Northeastern University PA Program is September 1. 

The CASPA application can be accessed at    starting on April 13, 2011.  Be sure to read thoroughly all of  the CASPA information before you begin the application process and print out a copy of your application to save for your own records.  Questions about the CASPA application should be discussed directly with CASPA customer service at or 617-612-2080.

All required material must be received by CASPA before it can be sent to your designated PA programs.  It is your responsibility to make sure that CASPA receives all material in a timely manner. CASPA will not accept applications for the Northeastern University Physician Assistant Program after September 1.  The program will not receive your CASPA application for approximately 2-4 weeks after you submit it to CASPA in order for it to be verified.  We will notify you via email when we have received your CASPA application.

CASPA does not send original documents to any program.  If you are accepted into the program, you will have to arrange to have all official college and university transcripts sent directly to the Northeastern PA Program prior to matriculation.

Northeastern University PA Program Supplemental Application:

A supplemental application is also required of all applicants to the Northeastern University PA Program.  Our supplemental application and all supporting materials must also be received by the program by the same deadline of September 1.  

The Northeastern University supplemental application can be accessed here.   Please complete the application online, print out a copy, and mail the application directly to the PA Program along with the required supporting materials in one envelope to:

                 Physician Assistant Program

                 Northeastern University

                 202 Robinson Hall

                 360 Huntington Avenue

                 Boston, MA 02115


Your supplemental application must include the following:

  ●  fully completed application form

  • one-page personal essay that is different from the CASPA essay (see Northeastern application for details)
  • curriculum vitae including your educational and employment history
  • $25 supplemental application fee made payble to Northeastern University in the form of a personal check or money order.  We are unable to accept credit card payments.  The $25 fee is waived if you are a current Northeastern student or an alumnus/a who received a bachelor's degree from Northeastern.
  • If you have not already submitted 2 clinically-related references as part of your CASPA application, you must include with the Supplemental application 1 additional personal reference that is clinically-related from an individual with whom you have worked in a clinical environment.  He/she should comment on your clinical background including an assessment of your clinical performance, the type of duties you perform, and your ability to relate to patients and others on the health care team.  This reference should be from a clinical colleague who did not already submit a reference with the CASPA application.  The reference must be submitted in an envelope with the evaluator's signature written across the sealed flap and mailed to you.  It should then be included in the package you mail to the program.

Be sure to keep a copy of everything for your own records.  You cannot submit the supplemental application to the program online.  Email supplemental applications will not be accepted. 


We recommend that you begin your CASPA application prior to completing the supplemental application as your CASPA ID number is required on the supplemental application.  Your file cannot be reviewed until the program has received both your CASPA and supplemental applications. We will notify you via email when your supplemental application is received by the program.



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