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Student Code of Conduct

Every student must obey local, state, and federal laws and statutes as well as the policies of the University, the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, and the Physician Assistant Program.  Unprofessional conduct is unacceptable and warrants appropriate corrective or disciplinary action by the University, the College, and the Program.

Northeastern University has set forth expectations of behavior that promote the safety and welfare of the Northeastern University community. The University seeks to provide a supportive environment that is conducive to learning, the pursuit of truth, the exchange of knowledge, the intellectual development of students, and the general good of society. The Northeastern Code of Conduct, which applies to all students enrolled at Northeastern University, can be found here.

Remediation Policy 

Upon identifying a difficulty with a student’s performance, the Program Director may offer appropriate intervention to assist the student in alleviating the difficulty.  Program intervention and subsequent evaluation may be instituted early in the first academic term, or at any time and as frequently as necessary to assist the student in fulfilling the student’s potential to succeed.

  • A student must be an active participant in evaluating his/her unsatisfactory performance.
  • The student will provide to his/her advisor a written, personal assessment to include:
    • the cause(s) for any substandard or problematic performance,
    • a specific personalized plan for effectively resolving those conditions.
  • The student’s advisor will, in conjunction with the Program Director, review and discuss intervention.
  • After due consideration of the student’s assessment, corrective plans, and all other available relevant information, a formal written remediation plan or definitive action will be developed and placed in the student’s file.
  • A student permitted to continue will be closely monitored with further intervention being undertaken as needed.

Grievance and Appeals Policy

Appeals are handled at the Graduate School level and not by the Physician Assistant Program itself. Grievances and appeals, both academic and non-academic, will follow University Policy.  Please refer to “The Appeals Process” on page 14 of the Northeastern University’s Graduate Handbook, located here.  

Sexual Harrassment & Assault Policy
Northeastern University supports reporting of sexual harassment.  More information is located on the website, here.  

Northeastern University Grievance Procedures for Discrimination and Harassment can also be found on the website, here.  

In addition, the University Police provide guidance and appropriate procedures regarding other types of harassment, including:

  • Reporting of crimes
  • Domestic abuse
  • Identity theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Phone, text message, and email harassment

Information on the University Police guidance and procedures can be found here.  

University Student Health and Counseling Services can also be of assistance for emotional distress or for referral to specialists on physical and emotional trauma.

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