School of Nursing

School of Nursing

The need for well-educated, highly-skilled nurses has never been greater. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) through its "Quality Chasm" series in the late ‘90s increased the awareness of the key role that nurses play in patient safety and quality improvement. Thus, today there is an unprecedented demand for professional and advance practice nurses.

Based on our long and rich history of nursing education at Northeastern, we are well positioned to prepare you for positions of responsibility in all areas of healthcare. Our programs range from undergraduate through graduate degrees.

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing prepares you to become a professional nurse with a wide range of career options, from acute care hospitals to community-based settings.  We provide a broad-based education that serves as a foundation for your professional and personal growth and for life-long learning.

With a Master's degree from Northeastern's School of Nursing, you might influence society in profound ways, providing primary care to underserved populations, assisting newborns and their families to experience a healthier beginning, counseling families with troubled children and adolescents, developing innovative programs in the community, or shaping health care delivery.

With a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), you will be able to assume a position as a researcher, educator, and scholar in a school of nursing, clinical agency, research center, or other healthcare organization.

With a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), a post-master's program we began offering in 2009, you will develop the clinical, organizational, economic and leadership skills to design and implement programs that can significantly impact healthcare outcomes and will have the potential to transform healthcare delivery.

There is no better time or place to prepare for these accomplishments than at the School of Nursing within Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Come explore our website, contact us with questions, and let us arrange a visit for you.

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