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The Department of Health Sciences offers a combined Doctor in Pharmacy and Master in Public Health degree. This program enables students to complete both degrees in a shorter amount of time than it would take to do each separately. The program may be completed in seven years. Students in the combined degree program continue to meet the core curriculum requirements for both the PharmD and an MPH degree.

Admission and Application

PharmD students may apply to the program during their third, fourth, or fifth year at Northeastern SoP. Applications will be due according to the standard MPH admission cycle dates of April 15th or October 1st. The applicants will be considered by the graduate admissions committee which also reviews regular MPH applicants.

Requirements to be considered for admission include:

  • Official transcript
  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Three letters of recommendation, including:
    • A faculty member in a public health related field
    • A reference from a public health experience (co-op, internship, volunteer, other work experience)
    • A second academic faculty
  • Personal goal statement addressing:
    • What are your public health career goals?
    • How will a Master of Public Health degree in Urban Health help complement your goals as a PharmD?


Click here for a sample curriculum plan.

Contact Info

Laura Desrochers, MPH
312 Robinson Hall