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Orientation for incoming MPH students will be held Wednesday Sept 3 from 1-3pm. Please stay tuned and check your Northeastern email for additional details!


In order to help prepare the next generation of urban public health leaders and professionals, the MPH Program in Urban Health offers our diverse graduate students small class sizes, strong mentoring, a flexible curriculum, full-time or part-time study options, and a supportive learning environment.  We welcome your interest in our unique program.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Master of Public Health Program in Urban Health at Northeastern University was developed in response to the growing need for professionals versed in the diverse public health problems facing cities today. A worldwide trend toward urbanization drives the need for individuals with specific expertise in navigating the unique public health challenges and opportunities existing in urban environments. The MPH program brings together inter-disciplinary faculty with expertise in working with diverse urban populations and builds upon Northeastern’s history of community engagement to provide students with the experience and skills needed to address urban public health problems.

One of few programs focused specifically on urban populations, the Master of Public Health Program at Northeastern University focuses on challenges facing modern cities including: 

  • illnesses associated with the built environment
  • health threats connected to density and poverty including substance abuse, community violence, and racial and ethnic health disparities
  • the challenges of effective health education and promotion for diverse populations; and access to timely, appropriate health services
  • complex air, water, and food quality management issues
  • control of infectious diseases
  • prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • global and national trends that affect public health such as migration, immigration, and suburbanization
  • the diverse health impacts of municipal policies such as housing and zoning policies
  • the way in which the unique urban environment shapes implementation of public health interventions and informs research questions

Central to addressing all of these concerns, but with particular focus on those associated with racial and ethnic health disparities, is the commitment the program undertakes to build an effective and diverse public health workforce who emerge from the program well-trained in the complex issues associated with disparate health status and health care access.

The MPH in Urban Health trains public health professionals who understand their concomitant obligations to advocacy, evidenced-based practice, and research, and who are animated by the urgent need to reduce racial, ethnic, and class-based health disparities that currently burden urban populations in the US and globally. A graduate from MPH in Urban Health program has both the technical expertise to address specific urban health issues as well as the strategic and cultural competency needed to interact effectively with, and be an advocate for diverse urban populations.

The study of urban health and the urban environment flourishes at Northeastern click here for a glimpse of what is happening!

Contact Info

Shan Mohammed MD, MPH
312 Robinson Hall
Tel: (617) 373-7729

Accredited by CEPH

The Master of Public Health Program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

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MPH Director:                         Shan Mohammed MD, MPH

MPH Student Representative:
Jillian Newsam