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Leo Beletsky

Drug and pharmaceutical policy, HIV and other infectious disease, health and human rights

Phil Brown

Environmental Sociology, Medical Sociology, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Community-based Participatory Research, Social Movements, Jewish Culture in the Catskill Mountains

Beth Molnar

Child abuse and neglect, community-level prevention, Social and psychiatric epidemiology

Dinesh John

Sedentary behavior, Physical activity, Objective measurement

Helen H. Suh

Environmental epidemiology, Exposure assessment, Air pollution

Sandra Arevalo

Urban Sociology, Medical Sociology, Health Disparities and Urban Health

Matthew Goodwin
Personal health informatics; ambulatory autonomic monitoring; wireless physical activity detection; wearable computing; ubiquitous computing; single-case experimental designs; intensive longitudinal data analysis; autism spectrum disorders

Daniel Kim

Social Policy Scientist, Public Health, Social Epidemiology

Stephen Intille
Sensor-driven human-computer interactive systems and technologies for preventive medicine and personal, behavior informatics; persuasive user interfaces for motivating behavior change; mobile health technologies; context-aware ecological momentary assessment, ubiquitous computing for health, games for health

Rui Li
Exercise and nutritional strategy on metabolic diseases prevention/control, health fitness and sport performance

Alisa K. Lincoln
Public health; mental health; substance abuse; homelessness; health and social disparities; literacy; community-based participatory action research

Kristin Madison
Health care quality regulation, quality reporting, health incentives, health policy innovation

Justin Manjourides
Biostatistics; disease surveillance; spatial statistics; cluster detection

Jean Flatley McGuire
Health Policy

Shan Mohammed
Public health workforce preparedness and training

Carmen C. Sceppa
Health behavior promotion (nutrition and physical activity/exercise); chronic disease prevention; healthy aging; health promotion in the lifecycle; health disparities

Annemarie C. Sullivan
Development and assessment of professional skills of clinical exercise physiologists

Irina Todorova
Psychosocial aspects of health and well-being; gender and health; health disparities; social change in Eastern Europe and implications for health; narratives of health and illness

Katherine L. Tucker
Nutritional epidemiology; diet and health; health disparities; nutritional status of populations

Mary E. Watson
Health-promotion program planning; counseling strategies for health professionals; exercise compliance for healthy and at-risk populations

Gary Young
Healthcare services

Alessandro Vespignani

Scholarship focus in Network Science and Epidemiology

Sara Wylie

 Anthropology and Science, Technology and Society


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