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The laboratory is located at 520 Behrakis Health Sciences Center. The 2000 square foot facility is equipped with the state-of-art technology for teaching and research in exercise science. The laboratory is dedicated to applying the practical skills and cutting-edge research to evaluate the effects of exercise and physical activity on health, disease, and human performance. The laboratory is equipped to conduct major functional and performance assessments, including:

We regularly conduct these tests on different populations, including athletes, participants, children, older adults and special populations with frailty, sarcopenia, or chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Graduate and undergraduate students use the laboratory to conduct directed studies and capstone and thesis projects. Our students work closely with faculty and laboratory staff to obtain hands-on skills and research experiences in physical activity and public health. A novel aspect of the lab is the multi-disciplinary nature of research that is conducted and encouraged.


Carmen Sceppa, Program Director

Dinesh John

Rui Li

Annemarie Sullivan

Stephen Intille

William Jay Gillespie, Professor Emeritus

Project Manager: Gregory Cloutier

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Contact Info

Carmen Castaneda Sceppa, MD, PhD
316 Robinson Hall
Tel: 617.373.5543
Fax: 617.373.2968