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It's been 3 years and I am still talking about my co-op in Tanzania like it was yesterday! #iheartcoop @Northeastern

— Leah Ettman (@leahettman) February 4, 2014


Cooperative Education (Co-op) makes a Northeastern University education richer and more meaningful for our students. Co-op provides students with experiences at home and abroad that help them develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence that transforms their lives. 

Our co-op program, founded over a century ago, is one of the largest and most innovative in the world. Students alternate semesters of academic study with semesters of full-time employment in positions related to their academic or career interests.

Northeastern University's location, just blocks from some of the most prestigious health care and medical research facilities in the world, allows students in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences to have unmatched access to top employers. Working in the Boston health care community provides tremendous networking opportunities for our students. 

Students enrolled in the Health Science major pursue co-ops at some of the world's leading:

  • teaching hospitals      
  • community-based programs
  • international locations 
  • research projects

Students in our Health Science major learn the value of working as members of a health care team in the class setting as well as on co-op.  Our co-op positions allow students to learn and recognize the importance of professional behaviors both in the classroom and in the work place.

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All Health Science students have the option to complete the program with or without a co-op experience.

Contact Info

Department of Health Sciences
316 Robinson Hall
Tel: 617.373.3666

Co-op Faculty

Health Sciences:

Lisa M. Foster, MS
Assistant Coordinator

Dierdre Jordan, MS
Assistant Coordinator