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Our faculty members are engaged in research that changes lives in areas ranging from biotechnology to urban health, and undergraduate students as well master's and PhD candidates have opportunities to collaborate on a variety of these projects.

In addition to participating in ongoing faculty research, Bouvé students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors to develop their own research ideas. Our undergraduate curriculum offers courses that ground students in research methods and tools. Student researchers often present their findings at Northeastern's Research and Scholarship Expo, and their best work may be selected for presentation at national and international conferences and colloquia.

Through research, our students develop a practical expertise in and intellectual passion for their chosen field. Working with faculty or fellow students develops strong collegial relationships. Research allows students to become knowledge creators while still in school; and undergraduates with research experience are better prepared for graduate school or professional employment because they have the skills and confidence to experiment. Undergraduate research also allows students to dig deeply into the mysteries of their discipline and to discover themselves.

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Real-world Lessons

"Doing research in a group taught me that things do not always go as planned. We had to figure out how to organize and work as a team. I discovered the keys to teamwork are flexibility and good communication."

-- Matthieu Newton, Doctor of Physical Therapy