Accent Modification

Does the accent of your native language…

…make you feel like people don’t understand you?

…require you to frequently repeat yourself?

…cause you to avoid speaking English on the telephone or in other communication situations?

Accent modification training can benefit:

  • Anyone who has a good command of English as a non-native language, but may still have trouble being understood by others due to the influence of their native language(s)
  • Anyone who panics when there is a speaking opportunity (social, professional, presentations) and may avoid or refuse to speak
  • Anyone who wants to turn the focus from how they are speaking to what they are saying
  • Anyone who wants to increase their efficiency in the workplace or during daily communication

How do I get started?

  1. Call (617) 373-2492 to schedule a screening to determine if you would benefit from accent modification training OR schedule an evaluation to determine specific recommendations for your personalized accent modification program
  2. Complete the intake and scheduling forms below.
  3. Following your evaluation, schedule an appointment for weekly individual sessions AND/OR weekly group sessions


  • Cost

    • Screening: $25
    • Evaluation: $250
    • Weekly Individual Session (45 minutes): $75
    • Weekly Group Session (90 minutes): $50
    • Weekly Individual & Group Sessions: $100

Clinical Specialists
Sarah Young-Hong, MA, CCC-SLP

Sarah Young-Hong, MA, CCC-SLP

Emily Bruno

Emily Bruno, MS, CCC-SLP

Nick Viola

Nick Viola, MA, CF-SLP