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Rolling Admissions.
Application due by 8/1 for Fall semester and 12/1 for Spring semester of current year.


The College Student Development and Counseling Program at Northeastern University aims to create mindful, action-oriented leaders, specifically in the field of higher education and student affairs. It is the goal of the program to focus on counseling, college student development, the history and philosophy of the student affairs profession, and the organization and administration of the field. The program will provide emerging professionals with the academic and experiential background that will allow them to be able to design, create, and administer student personnel programs that teach leadership, foster development, value diversity, and compliment the academic experience of college students.

Students develop theoretical knowledge and applied skills in individual counseling, group dynamics, experiential and adult education. This is taught with an emphasis on holistic student development, multiculturalism, the management of rapid change and participation in a year-long, 300 hour practicum experience.