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Program Overview

The Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program accepted its inaugural class in 2009. Our scientist-practitioner model program is designed to prepare masters level students for Counseling Psychology practice and research in a variety of settings with children, adolescents, families, and adults across diverse backgrounds. The program meets the curricular and pre-doctoral clinical requirements for Psychologist licensure in Massachusetts and we have National Register designation.  Currently our new Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program is not accredited by APA. During spring 2013, we had two students from the 2009 cohort who successfully matched during Phase I of the internship process. In August, we submitted our self-study and have been approved for an APA site team visit and will take place May 5-6 2014.   For more information about APA accreditation, please contact: c/o Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation Education Directorate, American Psychological Association, 750 First Street NE. Washington, DC 20002-4242; (202) 338-5979; (202)  336-5978 (fax).

The program emphasizes:

  • Multicultural competence
  • Problem prevention and health promoting practices
  • An ecological and community-oriented approach
  • Expertise in outcome and counseling research

Our training goals are to produce graduates who demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the basic areas of psychology
  • Competence in counseling practice
  • Competence in research and scholarly activities
  • A commitment to the profession of psychology

This program subscribes to a scientist-practitioner training model, emphasizing excellent practice, informed by research, and the generation and dissemination of scholarship. The course work, supervised fieldwork, and research are integrated throughout the program.

Take a look at our Model Program, Fall 2013