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Applied Behavior Analysis (Certificate/MS/CAGS)

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Rolling Admissions
Applications due by 8/1 for Fall semester and 12/1 for Spring semester


Mastering behavioral teaching and treatment procedures prepares you to assist others in reaching their full potential. As a behavioral specialist, you can help people such as children and adults with autism to achieve independence in activities of daily living, communicate effectively with others, participate in community activities, acquire academic skills, and engage in positive social interactions.

The Northeastern University Applied Behavior Analysis programs, which include certificate, Master of Science, and CAGS programs, are designed to develop teaching and intervention skills. Lectures are built around projects that can be completed either in the workplace or elsewhere in the community. These projects include functional analyses, preference assessments, intervention programs, and other procedures directly related to the practice of applied behavior analysis. Whenever possible, learning partnerships are formed between Northeastern University and students’ employers that incorporate work supervisors into the teaching processes. Workplace discussion groups and team projects link practice to studies.

The courses, which are both online and hybrid, fit contemporary lifestyles and make use of modern technology such as podcasts and Wimba classrooms. These features permit flexible schedules while creating increased communication with instructors and fellow students.

All Northeastern Applied Behavior Analysis programs contain the content students need to take the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) exam. Through our Learning Partnership Program, we also offer options through which students may fulfill the experience requirement necessary to take the exam.

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Laura Dudley,M.S., BCBA Program Director
Applied Behaviorial Analysis Programs
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