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The Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology is a science-practitioner based unit that (1) generates new knowledge through research and the translation of research to applications that optimize the development, and promote the mental and physical health, of children and adults across the life span; and (2) trains the next generation of leaders in school psychology, counseling psychology, college student development, applied behavioral analysis, and related fields.

The department embraces a holistic conception of health (physical and mental) with an ecological multi-focus (behavioral; cognitive; affective and cultural) life-span approach within an integrated health care and interprofessional focus.

Faculty and students come from diverse training, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, providing an enriching learning experience. Our doctoral programs provide excellent educational opportunities for those interested in professional psychology with specialized training for future careers in academic or practice positions as licensed psychologists. We expect our students to become high level science based practitioners contributing with their behavioral health training to promote integrated and interprofessional health policies and practices in a multicultural and global world.

The Department shares Bouvé College of Health Sciences mission of being a center of excellence in professional health education, research, and service. The Department is strongly committed to Bouvé’s emphasis on cross-disciplinary interaction among faculty and students from the different schools and departments, to foster the next generation of interprofessional healthcare leaders of our global community.

Our graduates are well-prepared to become applied psychologists and behavioral health science professionals in a variety of health, educational, governmental, community, organizational, and private settings.

Karin Lifter, PhD
Acting Chair


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