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Orientation 2012

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Welcome New Students!

We are very excited that you will be joining the NEU community this fall and are looking forward to meeting you on Orientation Day. A complete list of your fall courses are listed on your program's webpage. In order to register for classes through our online Banner system, please activate your student account by going to If you need help registering for classes please review the registration procedures. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to get your Husky ID card the next time you’re on campus.

ORIENTATION will be held on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 in the Behrakis Health Science Center, Room 310

Please note: At 9:00 a.m., all new students will report to the common area outside of 310 BK to register and pick up their packet and name badge. A light breakfast will be provided by the department (coffee, water, breakfast bars and fruit) in the common area. Students will then proceed to room 310 BK for the department introduction. Please refer to the schedule:

9:00 Registration: Common area outside room 310 BK – All Students



All Programs meet for a combined introduction to the Counseling & Applied Educational Psychology department by the Chair and program directors.

There will also be a presentation on Graduate Policies and Procedures by Molly Schnabel, Director of Graduate Admissions.


11:00 Program Meetings:
  Counseling Psychology 310 BK
  School Psychology 220 BK
  School Counseling 320 BK
  College Student Development 325 BK
12:00 Doctoral Program Meetings:
  Counseling Psychology 327 BK
  School Psychology 307 BK

Tours will be arranged for the doctoral students while they wait for their meeting to begin. For any additional information, please Contact Us at
Campus Map to the Behrakis Health Sciences Center (BK)

Parking is available in the Columbus Lot at 795 Columbus Avenue. Be sure to redeem your Parking Pass