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The curriculum subscribed for the College Student Development and Counseling program is typically established for completion in four semesters or two years. Students who wish to take one or two courses per semester may do so by initially enrolling as with a special student status and will proceed to gain admission later on.

All students are required to take CAP 6300: Introduction to College Student Development during their first semester of enrollment concurrently with CAP 6200: Counseling Theory & Process.

Fall Semester (1st year)
CAEP 6300 Intro to College Student Development
CAEP 6200 Counseling Theory & Process
CAEP 6235 Vocational, Educational & Career Development
CAEP 6202 Research, Evaluation & Data Analysis
Spring Semester (1st year)
CAEP 6301 Planning & Administration of Student Affairs Programs & Services
CAEP 6303 Financial Aspects of Higher Education
CAEP 6203 Understanding Culture & Diversity
CAEP 6262 Evaluation & Outcomes and Assessment
Fall Semester (2nd year)
CAEP 6302 Law and Ethics in Higher Education
CAEP 8402 College Student Development Practicum I
CAEP 6230 Health Issues in Counseling or Approved Elective
Spring Semester (2nd year)
CAEP 6215 Groups: Dynamics & Leadership
CAEP 8403 College Student Development Practicum II
CAEP 6305 Special Topics: Community College Administration and Services

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a hallmark of Northeastern University and its educational mission. As such, the College Student Development and Counseling program provides students with field opportunities that will prepare new professionals for working in entry level and beginning management positions in the college student development field. These positions are offered in departments and offices, which may not directly address the academic concerns of students, but are a vital part of the social, emotional, and moral development of student

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