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Counseling Psychology PhD Facts at a Glance

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RequirementsPhD in Counseling Psychology

Credit Hours

MA 62 semester hours

Program Length

MA 4 years

Admission Requirements

Strong academic record
Demonstrated interest in and commitment to counseling psychology
GRE General required (scores must be official)
Three letters of reference
Completed application
Masters degree in psychology or related field
Applications are due January 5 and admission interviews are typically conducted in late February or early March

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of all required courses
GPA 3.0 or better
Passing grades on all comprehensive examinations
Successfully completed fieldwork and internship
Completed dissertation

Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data (2014)
29 applicants
15 applicants were invited for an interview

8   applicants were offered admission

4   students will enter fall 2014 admission       

2   students are completing APA accredited internships

3   students applied and matched for internship in Phases I and II                    

2   graduates by August 3, 2014

All applicants who accepted our offer received an SGA for the first year

We currently have 23 students affiliated with our program: 2 graduating students; 1 sixth year student; 5 fifth year students; 4 fourth year students; 5 third year students; 2 second year students, and 4 first year students starting fall 2014.

*The above data refers to applicants who submitted initial applications in 2014.


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