Counseling & Applied Educational Psychology

Counseling Psychology Post-Master Ph.D. Curriculum

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Students are required to take these courses if they have not already completed these courses during their Masters programs:

CAEP  6200   Introduction to Counseling   

CAEP  6287   Group Counseling       

CAEP  6399   Clinical Skills     

CAEP  6203   Understanding Culture and Diversity     

CAEP  6286   Family Counseling and Intervention  

CAEP  6220   Development Across the Lifespan   

CAEP  6242   Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning    

CAEP  5125   Introduction to Statistics in Mental Health and Education    

CAEP  6235   Vocational, Educational, and Career Development   

CAEP  6202   Research, Evaluation, & Data Analysis    

 *Curriculum Subject to Change



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