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Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Curriculum (w/o Prerequisites)

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Post-Masters Entry without Prerequisites:

62 Credits

CAEP 6350 Cognitive Assessment 
CAEP 6352 Personality Assessment
CAEP 6390 History and Systems of Psychology 
CAEP 6394 Advanced Multicultural Psychology
CAEP 7701 Doctoral Seminar in Counseling Psychology
CAEP 7711 Advanced Psychometric Principles
CAEP 7712 Intermediate Statistical and Data Analysis Techniques
CAEP 7716 Advanced Research and Data Analysis                                                                                  
CAEP 7720 Advanced Clinical Interventions
CAEP 7723 Rorschach 
CAEP 7732 Legal and Ethical Issues in Community and Educational Settings 
CAEP 7741 Advanced Fieldwork I 
CAEP 7742 Advanced Fieldwork II
CAEP 7743 Advanced Fieldwork III 
CAEP 7744 Advanced Fieldwork IV 
CAEP 7750 Biological Bases of Behavior
CAEP 7751 Clinical Neuropsychology
CAEP 7753 Doctoral Seminar in Leadership, Consultation, and Supervision
CAEP 7755 Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior 
CAEP 7756 Social Psychology in an Organizational and Ecological Context 
CAEP 7758 Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Theories of Psychotherapy 
CAEP 7798 Doctoral Internship I 
CAEP 7799 Doctoral Internship II 
CAEP 9990 Dissertation
CAEP 9996 Dissertation Continuation (0 semester hours) 

 *Curriculum Subject to Change



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