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The Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Program provides students with the knowledge base necessary for eligibility to take the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) exam. The curriculum, which is based on the BACB Fourth Edition Task List, includes six courses, all of which are offered online. Four standard programs of study are available; students may take one or two courses each term and may elect not to enroll at all during the summer, regardless of course load chosen. Special programs of study may also be arranged.

A representative program in which the student takes two courses during the academic year and the summer off follows. Behavior Assessment and Research Design and Methods are take first as they are prerequisites for enrolling the remaining four courses.

Sample Program Plan

Fall Year 1

CAEP 6327 Behavior Assessment

CAEP 6328 Research Design and Methods

Spring Year 1

CAEP 6334 Applied Programming 1

CAEP 6331 Advanced Learning 1

Fall Year 2

CAEP 6329 Service Administration

CAEP 6336 Systematic Inquiry in Applied Research 1

No Summer Classes

*Curriculum Subject to Change