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Bouvé Mission/Vision Statement

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Bouvé Mission

To inspire/create the next generation of interprofessional healthcare leaders for the wellbeing of our global community.

Bouvé Vision

We seek to embrace the diversity inherent in humanity and capitalize on our opportunity to educate students, and generate and disseminate new knowledge for the betterment of health and healthcare for people everywhere.

Areas of Excellence

     Drug Discovery, Delivery, and Excellence

With a complement of four centers of research excellence, we are leaders in education and research in translational pharmaceutical sciences. Bouvé serves as a valuable resource to pharmaceutical /biotechnology companies seeking strategic partnerships with academia. Interdepartmental and interinstitutional collaborations, along with our expertise in the pharmaceutical sciences, bioengineering, nanotechnology, chemistry, and chemical biology, empower us to advance the research that leads to real-world, translational applications.

     Urban Population Health

Our Institute on Urban Health Research and public health initiatives bring an interdisciplinary approach to research on the health of urban populations. Bouvé faculty members are developing new understanding of chronic health conditions, the built environment, health disparities, health services, and, along with partners in government and the community, are testing the benefits of interventions aimed at improving health in urban settings.


There is a strong and escalating demand for personal health technologies that help people stay healthy throughout their life span and assist with care management. As health challenges increase worldwide, Bouvé is inventing and evaluating innovative technologies and systems that support individuals and care providers with wellness promotion and chronic care needs in their homes, workplaces, and clinical settings. 

      Life Span/Healthy Aging

Each day, more than 8000 Americans turn 65, and our nation will be faced with the daunting challenge of treating and caring for its aging population. This will have a profound effect on the entire healthcare industry, with a rapidly increasing number of diseases, disorders, medication requirements, and individuals with overall compromised health. Research, education, and practice strategies need to center on healthy aging to ensure the optimal healthcare outcomes. 








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