Provost Research Award Winners

There are a variety of ways to find and fund undergraduate research opportunities at Northeastern University. Please see the College of Science and Office of the Provost websites for detailed information and helpful hints.

After finding a research lab, you are encouraged to apply for an Undergraduate Research Award which provides for research support up to a maximum of $1,000 for the purchase of supplies, software, reference books, or travel to research sites and to present work at professional meetings.  Behavioral Neurosciences student grant recipients and their project titles are listed below:

Year BNS Student(s) Faculty Mentor Project Title
2013-14 Alex Anatone Wendy Smith Prophenoloxidase Knockout
  Molly Kirk Jade Zee Steroid-mediated plasticity of teleost hindbrain vocal motoneurons in vitro
  Matthew Nguyen James Monaghan Circadian Rhythm and Vertebrate Regeneration
  Sruti Patel Erin Cram Investigating the Regulation of G10H expression by ZCT1
2012-13 Ogbitse Charles Frank Naarendorp Does vitamin A activate rhodopsin and sensitize it to ultraviolet light in the mammalian eye?
  Julia Ebert Dagmar Sternad Origins of Asymmetric Learning in an Asymmetric Bimanual Task
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