Advising FAQ

How can I change my major to Behavioral Neuroscience?

  • The minimum requirement for transfer into the major requires completion of Math 1251 and either Bio 1+ lab or  Chem 1 + lab and a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • If you meet these transfer requirements, fill out a Petition to Transfer form and get it signed by the Head Advisor.


Can I declare a Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience even if my major is Biology or Psychology?

  • Absolutely!
  • To add a minor, go see your Academic Advisor in the College of Science.


Can my AP statistics credit fulfill the statistics requirement in the major?

  • AP statistics is the equivalent of MATH 2280 (statistics and software) and will NOT fulfill the BNS statistics requirement.
  • All freshman and incoming transfer BNS students will be seeded into PSYC 2320 (statistics) during fall semester of their second year at NU.  If you drop the section you have been assigned, it is your own responsibility to register for an alternate section.


What is the typical course load per semester?

  • In general, take no more than two science courses with lab in any one semester.  Similarly, during summer mini-semesters, one course with lab and one without is normal.
  • Students are advised to take 4 courses per semester (not including 1 SH courses such as Intro to Coop, etc)


What courses in the major are offered in the summer?

  • There are fewer course offerings during summer sessions. You can usually plan on these courses:
    • Summer 1: chem 2, genetics, cell biology, psychobiology, social psyc, dev psyc, AWD
    • Summer 2: organic chem 2, physics for life sci 2, calc and diff equations for bio 2, biochemistry, current topics in biology (fulfills seminar requirement), comparative vertebrate anatomy, cognition, AWD


What are some recommendations if I am pre-med?

  • Physics is not a pre-requisite for other courses so students should take it AFTER they finish courses such as psychobiology, organic chemistry and genetics which are pre-requisites for other advanced electives.
  • Biochemistry is strongly recommended and can fulfill one of your advanced biology courses.
  • It is strongly advisable that students sign up for a MedAppTrak account with the PreHealth Advising Office.


Anatomy and Physiology are required for pre-health profession schools.  Will these courses fulfill requirements in the major?

Anatomy and Physiology are introductory courses and are considered elective only.  They CANNOT fulfill biology requirements in the major.


Are there specific study abroad universities that offer more BNS courses?

      • Absolutely!  While we suggest you take advantage of the cultural/language etc opportunities of study abroad, you may find some courses that can fulfill BNS requirements particularly at these institutions. 
      • You can also search for specific NU courses.


What should I do if a course I need is full?

In your email, include your name, student ID number, course CRN, a short statement about why you need the course and indicate which class should be dropped (if any) from your schedule.



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