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    Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern focuses on the biological basis of behavior. This interdisciplinary program combines the disciplines of biology and psychology to appreciate the scope of behavior and then understand how the behavior of humans and animals is controlled by physiological systems. Course work is designed to provide an understanding of nerve cells, chemical neurotransmission, and neural circuits as well as fundamental biological processes such as inheritance, development, and physiology and then to see how these biological mechanisms give rise to normal and pathological behavior. The curriculum is complemented by a variety of experiential options ranging from local to international cooperative education positions, directed study research in faculty laboratories, study abroad, and supervised independent research projects with faculty mentors that lead to honors in the discipline theses. The curriculum includes a strong background in biology, psychology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and prepares students for higher degree granting programs in graduate or medical school. Students with a bachelor’s degree are qualified for employment in a variety of fields from clinical and basic research to positions in health care or biotechnology.

    Behavioral Neuroscience undergraduates play an active role in the major through our student NEURONs club, Nu Rho Psi National Honors Society in Neuroscience Chapter, as peer mentors for first-year students and through our neuroscience-related community outreach group called Interaxon.

  • Spotlights

    The schedule of events including our Keynote Speaker are found here.

    BNS faculty members, Heather Brenhouse, Rich Melloni and Rebecca Shansky are featured in a Northeastern Magazine piece entitled “The Hidden Impact of Trauma.” You can read the article here.

    Michael Tackenberg (center), BNS alum 2012 and current doctoral student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Vanderbilt University, is a co-discoverer of a new "reset" button for the brain's circadian clock. You can read the article here.

    Julia Ebert, a BNS major, has been awarded a Marshall Scholarship — the first for Northeastern in recent memory. This is a brief write-up about her accomplishment here.

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