Interaxon Outreach

InterAxon is a national undergraduate neuroscience outreach organization. The NEURONS InterAxon chapter is joining forces with other InterAxon chapters across the nation in creating and fostering interest, excitement and curiosity about the brain. We will go to nearby underprivileged elementary schools, middle schools and high schools to teach neuroscience. This learning experience will encompass an assortment of interactive activities including presentations, brain games, trivia, fun facts, and more. As a group we will come up with fun and interesting ways to teach neuroscience to different age groups. The students involved may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about the brain, so it is in our hands to expose them to and excite them about the field of neuroscience! Members are also encouraged to share their individual experiences including research, co-op, and career plans. We hope to foster enthusiasm and curiosity about the brain from a young age.

So, if you aren’t already a member of NEURONS then come to our first meeting (Monday Sept 15, 7 pm in 129 Forsyth) where we will be recruiting interested members to kick off the InterAxon chapter!

A team of University Scholars is developing a fully dynamic and interactive neuron model to be used as a teaching tool for community outreach.  Checkout their progress here.

George Bekheet (BNS), John Howard (Computer Science) and Marc Tawfik (Biochemistry) present their interactive neuron model at the Fall 14 semester Scholars Independent Research Fellowship Symposium.


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