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    Neuroscience, the scientific study of the nervous system, is an inherently interdisciplinary pursuit. At Northeastern, we draw upon such academic fields as psychology; chemistry and chemical biology; physics; biology and marine science; electrical and computer engineering; speech language pathology and audiology; and pharmaceutical sciences to break new ground in the exciting realm of neurobiological research.

    Our University strives to eliminate the barriers that exist among academic disciplines, cultivating an environment in which students, graduate students, faculty and professionals work collaboratively to generate new knowledge.

  • Spotlights

    The first peer mentoring event for new students and their upperclassman mentors is scheduled for Sunday, September 14th. Students will attend a play production about patient H.M.'s huge contribution to our understanding of brain structures critical for memory. This event is supported by the College of Science and the Behavioral Neuroscience Program.

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    Behavioral Neuroscience
    Morline Gordon-Grier
    203 Mugar Life Sciences Bldg.