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Dr. Michael Pollastri Discusses Healthcare for Neglected Populations

Dr. Slava Epstein Scouts for Novel Bacteria

Dr. William Hancock Leads International Effort to MaP Human Genome

Northeastern’s Center for Drug Discovery Hosts 10th Annual Symposium on Current Trends in Drug-abuse Research

Dr. Günther Zupanc, Biology Chair, Publishes Results in Neuroscience Demonstrating Mechanism by Which New Neurons Find Home

Drs. Mary Jo Ondrechen and Penny Beuning Explore the Possibility of Using Enzymes to Replace Standard Industrial Processes

Dr. Alexandros Makriyannis Receives Annual Award in Medicinal Chemistry from the American Chemical Society

Dr. Barry Karger and Colleagues at Mass General Hospital Cancer Center Identify Genetic Markers Capable of Predicting the Relapse of ER+ Breast Cancer

Dr. Graham Jones, Chair of Northeastern’s Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Answers Questions about FDA Standards and How the Global Market May Worsen the Problem of Shortages for Certain Drugs

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