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Dr. Heather Clark Wins Young Faculty Award from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to Explore Neural Cell Communication

Drs. Michael Pollastri and Mary Jo Ondrechen Search for a Cure for Sleeping Sickness

Dr. Rebecca Carrier Receives $1.8M NIH Grant to Better Understand How Food Digestion Affects the Way the Body Absorbs Drugs and Toxins

Dr. Slava Epstein Receives $1.5 M NSF Grant to Explore Single Organism’s Role in Microbial Communities

Research by Dr. April Gu Suggests Removing Contaminants from Water May Decrease Causes of Cancer

Drs. Graham Jones and John Engen of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Assess Current Techniques for Accurate Biosimilar Analysis in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Graduate Students Develop Screening Chip That Use Nanoparticles to Detect Colorectal Cancer

Northeastern Opens Waters Center for Innovation

Northeastern and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Create Joint Program in Cancer Drug Discovery

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