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Northeastern Career Services Ranked #1 by Princeton Review

Rob Franek of The Princeton Review, dis­cusses annual col­lege rank­ings  including Northeastern at #1 for Best Career Services.


Northeastern Career Services Ranked #1 by College Magazine

Career Services‘ extensive career search support including an array of online tools, an online database, workshops, job fairs, strong alumni networks, plus an Employer in Residence program has earned Northeastern recognition by Best Colleges and The Princeton Review.


Biology and Chemical Engineering Faculty Team up to Create Microfluidic Device

Bac­teria are a per­va­sive bunch so why have only a handful been identified so far? Supported by a Tier 1 Interdisciplinary Research Grant, Drs. Slava Epstein and Edgar Goluch create a device that is up to the task.


Dr. Vladimir Torchilin on a Simpler Way to Treat Cancer

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones. “It’s an absolutely new con­cept for treating cancer.”

Barry Karger

Dr. Barry Karger Receives Arnold O. Beckman Medal for Achievements in Electro-driven Separation Techniques

A quarter cen­tury ago, Barry Karger and his team pub­lished research in the journal Pro­ceed­ings of the National Academy of Sci­ences that would help enable sci­en­tists to sequence the human genome.


Dr. Kim Lewis on a New Path to Curing Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme is one of those puzzling chronic diseases: while people that are treated by antibiotics shortly after they’re bitten by the tic get cured, about 10 to 20 percent don’t. Why not?


Dr. Tania Konry’s ScanDrop Instrument Brings Science Lab into the Field

Scan­Drop is a portable instru­ment no bigger than a shoebox that has the capacity to detect a variety of bio­log­ical spec­imen.


Dr. John Engen on Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry

Dr. John Engen uti­lizes hydrogen exchange mass spec­trom­etry to make con­fir­ma­tion of biosimilars a fea­sible task. His work was recently high­lighted in the journal Biopharm International.

EMD Serono Receives 2013 NPSMA Advisory Board Award

EMD Serono, Inc.’s Billerica, MA office is the recipient of the 2013 Advisory Board Award of the National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA).


2003 Human Genome Project’s Ben­e­fits Still Real­ized

Alan Guttmacher, director of NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Insti­tute of Child Health and Human Development, on the impact new tools and technologies have had on use-inspired research.

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