Research Assistants

Donovan Richardson

Donovan RichardsonI am a third-year Linguistics undergraduate at Northeastern, with a minor in Japanese. My academic interests include sociolinguistics, phonology, and second language education, and I am excited to see how psycholinguistic research can have significance to other disciplines. I have also volunteer tutored English to second language learners from the Boston area with at Northeastern and with YMCA. Outside academic interests, I enjoy looking at road maps and riding my bike.

Allison Noble

Allison NobleI am a first-year student majoring in Marine Biology and pursuing a certificate in Music Performance. My academic interests are marine mammal communications and the communication properties of music. Besides academics, I play French horn, swim competitively through the Northeastern club team, and work as a camp counselor during the summer. I am very excited to gain experience in research through this lab!

Rachel Lesser

Rachel LesserI am a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with minors in Music Industry and Linguistics. My interests include language perception, language disabilities, cognitive behavioral therapy, and music licensing and publishing. I am also a musician, serving as President of the Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra, bassist for the Northeastern University Wind Ensemble, and bassist in the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. When not in class or rehearsal, I work as a lifeguard and swim instructor, teaching swimming to students ranging from ages 3 to 73. In the lab I am looking forward to gaining research experience and learning more about the field of psycholinguistics.

Danielle Ganjian

Danielle GanjianI am a first year at Northeastern University, and am pursuing a major in linguistics and a minor in Spanish on a premed track. During my free time, I volunteer at Brigham and Women’s hospital through their Medical Career Exploration Program. I am eager to gain research experience in the psycholinguistic field, and am eager to see the outcomes of research done in the Phonology and Reading Lab!

Jasmine Segarra

Jasmine SegarraI am a third-year Linguistics major and Business Administration minor at Northeastern. The topics of phonetics, phonology, child-language acquisition, and language genesis greatly interest me. In a Field Methods course, I had the opportunity to approach language descriptively—attempting to detail the complexities of the Bulgarian sound system using data from elicitation sessions and small-scale pronunciation experiments. I look forward to approaching language with a theoretical mindset as a volunteer in this lab and better understanding how researchers design experiments to examine the implications of the human phonological system.

Mike Brown

Mike BrownI’m an undergraduate pursuing degrees in Linguistics and Mathematics at Northeastern University. I’m very excited to be working in the Phonology and Reading Lab, and hope to continue doing research in the future. Last year, I spent my free time teaching Spanish to English speakers and English to Spanish speakers, which was even more fun than it sounds. My hobbies include music, creative writing, and subjecting my roommates to surprise grammaticality judgement tasks.

 Kathryn Aucella

Katie AucellaI am a third year linguistics major with minors in Spanish and Political Science. I am highly interested in the fields of morphology, phonology, and language acquisition, as well as bilingualism. Outside of class, I am the secretary for the NU Linguistics club, attend weekly meetings of the Knitting club, and teach Sunday school on the weekends. I love exploring Boston and wandering through museums!

Sarah Howard

Sarah HowardI am a first year undergraduate student at Northeastern majoring in Linguistics. I have been learning ASL over the past six years and my academic interests currently include deaf education, bimodal bilingualism, language acquisition, communication disorders, and language perception. On campus, I am a member of the Linguistics Club and the ASL Interpreting Club. Off campus, I volunteer as a teacher’s assistant in the Early Childhood Center at the Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham. I am looking forward to learning more about psycholinguistics and gaining research experience throughout this lab.