So you're probably wondering what Mini ASU is about: It's a new program we came up with this year, and we're hoping it will bring about a better sense of bonding and friendship since its not official ASU events, but essentially a way to chill with your group of friends, who all just happen to be in ASU!


It's open to everyone! Not just freshmen or new members, but old members are encouraged to join as well! It's a great way to meet new people, broaden your horizons, and introduce you to new ideas and people that you normally wouldn't have had the chance to meet outside of classes/dorms etc.


We will have sign ups both online and on our website to join the Mini program. You'll fill out a quick form and then we'll randomly split you into different groups. An eboard member or two will also be split randomly into each group. Even if someone hears about this program in the middle of the year, you're still welcome to join us! Just fill out the form and we'll put you in a group :)

And for those that aren't interested in joining the Mini program, that's fine too. You're still a member of ASU, and can come to our actual official GMs and events and outings. And say your friend is in a mini group, and they're doing something cool this weekend. You can still tag along! All are welcome!

Here's the signup form!


If I'm put in one mini group, can I still hangout with friends from other groups?
Of course! The point of the program isn't to keep you guys separated, but to help facilitate friendships within a smaller group of people. But if you hear another group is going somewhere you really want to go to, you're welcome to tag along! We're just making these mini groups to act as a starting point. Of course, we encourage you try to hang out with those in your actual group too, and make new friends!
What if my group wants to do something I'm not interested in?
If you're busy or just don't want to go that day, no pressure! The largeish group setting, depending how many people sign up, will make it so they can do things together, but if they don't want to, they don't have to. But if they're friends, people will go just to hang out with their friends even if the activity isn't their top choice. We all do that as is, right? The point of this is to have a very informal and casual setting for everyone to have fun in, so if you don't want to join in that day, then no worries. We'll just see you at the next get together :)
Who decides what we do?
We'll have a kick-off event which eboard will plan together; after that, it's mostly up to you! There are several ways to go about this: Preferably, we'd like it if the group members themselves can collectively come up with ideas they're all interested in doing, and then just going for it. Of if one person has an idea, they're welcome to plan it and ask people to join them as well; or they can ask eboard to help figure out the details, and we'll work it out from there! However if no one in the group comes up with an idea, the eboard members in the group can help plan something for you guys as well. But we'd like to envision it as a predetermined group of friends, so you can just plan events and things as the friendship grows naturally. Eboard will only step in if necessary; we want you guys to decide what you think is fun!
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    The Asian Student Union serves to promote awareness of Asian American culture and Asian heritage in Northeastern University and the surrounding community. Asian Student Union assists in the facilitation of new-coming students into American culture and University life along with encouraging a spirit of friendship and unity among the student body and various student groups. Our goal is to unify and also to display the Asian heritage and culture to all who are interested.

  • How to join?

    We have bi-weekly meetings every other Wednesday at 6PM. Come join us at our next meeting or one of the various events/outings we host throughout the year! Please check out our calendar and the rest of our website for more information! Sign up for our newsletter or like us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss out on anything!

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