Dialogue of Civilizations

The Asian Studies Program encourages our majors and minors to participate in Northeastern  University’s short-term Dialogue of Civilizations Program, a series of “global student  exchanges” between students at Northeastern University and communities around the world. The  goal of these study tours to various places in Asia is to provide students with a global experience  that builds upon and enhances their academic studies on campus by connecting them with their  peers and specialists in different national, cultural, political, and social environments in ways that  can provide them with an intimate knowledge of the society.

The Dialogue study tours, usually lasting 4-6 weeks, involve a series of meetings and discussions  between students and local government leaders, community organizations, and students on  various topics (the arts, human rights, literature, politics, popular culture, women and gender  dynamics across cultures, etc.). Aside from lectures, students participate in cultural events, visit  historically significant sites, and sometimes undertake short-term internships. Each dialogue  program is equated with two upper level courses (8SH) which have specific themes (language immersion, politics, economics, environmental studies, conflict negotiation, communication, etc.).

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