Major Requirements

A major in Asian Studies graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University. The course load for the major is fourteen courses. In addition to those fourteen courses, Asian Studies majors are expected to spend some time in Asia in an academic setting, although this requirement does not have to be credit bearing.

For a listing of the major requirements visit the Registrar’s website here.

Required Courses

  • East Asian Studies (ASNS 1150) – This introductory course focuses on East Asia as a region and focuses on the transformations that have occurred there in the past two thousand years.
  • Introduction to World History (HIST 1110) – This introductory course emphasizes large-scale patterns, long-term changes, and interconnections of world history. It is included in the major to emphasize Asia’s place within the world.

One course on South Asia from these six possibilities:

  • Anthropology of South Asia (ANTH 4515)
  • Introduction to South Asian History (HIST 1189)
  • Image and Icon in South Asia (RELS 1231)
  • Indian Religions (RELS 1276)
  • Religion and Culture in Indian Cinema (RELS 3398)
  • Religion and Politics in South Asia (RELS 4545)

Two years (four courses) of an Asian language. Currently Northeastern University offers Japanese and Mandarin Chinese

Course numbers are CHNS or JPNS 1101 and 1102 (elementary), 2101 and 2102 (intermediate), and 3101 and 3102 (advanced). Courses taken abroad may be given different numbers but will still count towards the requirement.

Six electives, drawn from a list of over forty courses. Credits from Dialogue of Civilizations
programs in Asia will be honored as electives.

Time Abroad. This could be credit bearing — a Semester Abroad, Dialogue of Civilizations or an experiential education project — or an international coop, internship co-op, or other advisor approved activity.

Finally, in order to bring together this academic experience, students of Junior or Senior standing are required to complete an upper level Capstone course from the following list:

  • Asian Studies Capstone Directed Study (ASNS 4900)
  • Issues in Modern and Contemporary Asia (ASNS 4910)
  • Asian Studies Capstone Seminar (ASNS 4920)

A list of currently offered courses in Asian Studies that qualify as electives can be found here.