Northeastern University

The Co-op Model

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a distinctive form of experiential education. Students at Northeastern University earn experiential learning credit when they satisfactorily complete the following components of the cooperative education learning process: Preparation, Activity and Reflection.


Active Participation in structured preparation

Activities through group and/or individual interactions with Cooperative Education Faculty that are intended to develop:

The preparation phase results in an individualized learning agreement that addresses personal and professional goals.


An activity approved by Cooperative Education Faculty for a defined time period, which meets the individualized learning agreement. Such activities may include:


The interplay of action and reflection on experience is central to cooperative education.
Opportunities exist for conscious reflection and critical analysis with reference to the student's individualized learning agreement. The Co-op faculty will help the students identify opportunities that may include:

The Cooperative Education Faculty will evaluate whether students have satisfactorily completed each co-op learning process cycle. The successful completion of one six-month co-op experience, encompassing the elements of the Cooperative Education Learning Model, is equivalent to the successful completion of a semester-long course.

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