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Interviewing Help

Please see the links to the left for Phone Interviews, Group Interviews, and Videos to learn from.


  • Lisa's Interviewing Guide

  • A great interviewing guide from NACE (The National Association of Colleges and Employers)

  • Interview Feedback Form

  • What you wish you'd known before your Job Interview Cartoon

  • Quirky interview questions the CEO asks...and what it tells them about you.



  • Check out the company on Glassdoor.

  • Make sure your Social Media Accounts are helping you! See how recruiters use social media in hiring decisions. Clean up your web presence!
  • How to prepare for your Job Interview.

  • How answer the top 35 Interview Questions.

  • How to identify and prepare for the different types of interviewers. (and few more...)

  • Interview 101 how to prepare for an interview

  • Videos to learn from

  • Practice interviewing online at Interview Stream (courtesy of career Services)

    Directions are linked here if needed.

  • Great way to stand out in an Interview.

    What companies want

  • Employers Want 18th Century Skills

    Things to consider during the interview - to see if it is a good fit for you

  • 10 Signs That a Company Has a Serious Culture Problem.

    Mistakes to avoid making

  • Interview Mistakes Bright People Make

  • Beware of Top 5 Interview Mistakes People Make

  • Top 10 Things Not To Say In a Job Interview

  • Top 25 difficult Companies to interview with (per GlassDoor)

  • 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes.

  • Biggest Job Hunting Mistakes Entry-level Candidates Make.

  • Interview faux pas - don't do these.

    Just for fun.....

  • Classic Interview - Pepsi Max.


  • How to prepare for SKYPE interviews

  • How to prepare for phone interviews

  • Group Interviews

  • Informational Informational Interviews

    Informational Interviews help you learn from professionals in the field. You can learn why they chose the career they did, what they like about it, etc. It can help you narrow things a little more for yourself. Here is a link to a Prezi to tell you more!