Northeastern University

Does the Place You Want to Co-op Have a State Dept Warning?

If you want to do an International Co-op in a country that is on the US Dept of State's warning list, you may not be allowed to go there. It is not a complete lost cause. Students can petition to go anyway; the University's Legal office will decide based on your petition and your meeting with them.

The State Dept warnings change everyday. Go here
to see what the status of the place you want to go is.

The process is overseen by the Provost's office and explained in detail at this (Click on the Risk Assessment Committee) link

Plese defer to the document above - for it is the most up to date.

Usually, the student must complete the process outlined at the link above. Most of the time, the items below can help you do this.

After submitting your appeal, there is usually a meeting (sometimes this is over the phone) to answer any questions the Legal Department might have.

Here are the forms that should help. But, remember the link above is more up to date than what I have here. So please double check and defer to the Provost's office's requirements.

Good luck!

  • Your parents must sign this waiver.

  • You must submit this appeal to risk management. Please use the attached template - (although it was written for Kenya, you must address all of the same sections)