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INTERNATIONAL CO-OP Information and Links

If you want to do an International Co-op, you will work directly with your regular co-op faculty coordinator, AND a representative from international co-op. The earlier you start talking with International Co-op, the better.

Want to do an International Co-op?

Check out their Webpage for more information.
  • Attend an International Co-op Information Session

  • International Co-op Process explained

  • Do you qualify for a Presidential Global Scholarship? See this link to check.

    Are you considering a "civic engagement" type of co-op?

    A civic engagement co-op would be where NU connects you with a "provider" and they connect you with an organization for a fee.

    Many of my students have done these and LOVE them! Most providers take care of housing, etc.. so it is a nice (more "high touch" experience). They DO cost money, but usually the Presidential Global Scholarship covers most of their costs.

    International co-op has lists for comparisons of the various providers and then also how to contact them. (You can contact them on your own - to gather information - but once you have an idea of what you are interested in, you should let International co-op and your co-op faculty member know. FYI - our contact at Connect 123 is a former NU International Co-op Coordinator, Cynthia Sweet. She is great, knows how NU and Connect 123 work!

    If you'd like to read about some co-ops that students have done with Connect 123 or the Foundation for Sustainable Development, check out these student reflection projects on my webpage (hit "Ctrl" and "F", then type "connect" or "Sustainable" will find them for you.)

    Interested in an International Co-op focused on Healthcare?

    See these articles