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GLOBAL CO-OP Information and Links


If you want to do a Global Co-op, you will work directly with your regular co-op faculty coordinator, AND a representative from GEO (with visas, pre-departure, etc). The earlier you start working with your coordinator, the better.

Are you a CSSH Student? Want to do a Global Co-op?

Be sure you are enrolled in our CSSH Global Co-op Preparation Class in Blackboard. You can ask your coordinator to do this.
  • Complete the CSSH required meetings and online seminar (more information is available in the BlackBoard class)
        Spring/Summer 1 2018 Global co-op prep info and dates below
      • Information Session choose one:
        • Wed, Sept 27th – (2pm - 3:30 310 RP)
        • Thurs, Sept 28th – (5pm - 6:30 130 Hurtig)
      • Online session (sometime between first and second in-person meeting)
      • CSSH Global Co-op Session – Cultural Bridge Discussion choose one
        • Wed, Nov 15th – (time and place TBA)
        • Thurs, Nov 16th – (time and place TBA)
  • Spring/Summer 1 2018 Global Co-op forms: Process, Checklist, and Job Choice Form.

  • Do you qualify for a Presidential Global Scholarship? See this link to check.

    FYI - for SP18 co-ops, the link will open October 1st.

    What does GEO help with?

    GEO helps with the health and safety aspects of travelling abroad. This link will explain a bit more.

    Does the place you want to go require a petition (for safety reasons)?

    This link will explain a bit more.

    Interested in a Global Co-op focused on Healthcare?

    See these articles

    Learn more about recognizing and overcoming Culture Shock

    See this PDF and this webpage.