Northeastern University

Mandatory Co-op Orientation, Deadlines, and Links

Mandatory Orientation (Summer 2/Fall 2017) Information

Complete the three items in the box below before Friday, Jan 20th!

  • Click here to learn about Mandatory Orientation for July 2017 co-op

  • Flyer summarizing what to do to be on track for July 2017 co-op

  • Co-op Deadlines

  • Declare your "Intent to Co-op" in NUcareers for Summer2/Fall 2017

  • Complete your Summer2/Fall 2017 Co-op Search and Work Agreement Form

  • Complete your Summer2/Fall 2017 Mandatory Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
  • Sample POA (Pattern of Attendance) Chart

  • Co-op Job Search Process - (graphic) from Lisa

  • Also see this link for more tips on NUcareers and the co-op process

    Are you searching for a global co-op for sum2/fa17? If yes, see this page for more information/forms