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Helpful Resources and Links for Co-op Students

This is where you go to post your resume and look for jobs developed through the co-op program. Go to myNEU, sign-in, then select the Self-Service tab, then the NUcareers link in the Co-op area.
NU Career Development Office

After College (job search engine)
AfterCollege employers have expressed an interest in hiring Northeastern University Sociology Program students. Students can find internships and entry-level opportunities by using this link.

The American Anthropology Association Careers homepage

Anthropology Related Career Titles

What can I do with an Anthropology Degree?

Human Services careers

Are there governmental Human Services jobs available for students?

American Sociological Association

What can I do with a Sociology degree?

Careers in Sociology

Graduate Training in Sociology

Where can I find jobs in Non-profit organizations?

Where can I find jobs in Non-profit organizations in New England?

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Ethics Questions

Where can I find information on Activism?

Where can students find jobs in the government?

Where can I find a national service related job?
A service of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, hireCulture is a few job board that serves the non-profit arts community in Massachusetts.

Governmental Human Services jobs
...a very nice site for people in Human Services / Social Services. The Career Center includes information on careers and job titles in this field, and the Good Works area features articles on people in this field and the work they are doing. News and Trends and the Conference Calendar will help keep professionals up-to-date in their field. You must register in order to apply for jobs listed here, but you can search the database without registering. During the free registration process you will create a Career Profile and post your resume, so have your plain text resume open and be prepared to describe your ideal position.

... a great place to look for a job in social services. In addition, any social service organization that has a web site can get a free link to increase your job search reach.

How to become a Social Worker

NACE's JobWire
JobWire is the job announcement section of The Spotlight, the biweekly newsletter of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The most recent listings with openings for career counselors and human resource professionals are made available here. Career counselors will also want to comb through the full JobWeb server for more resources and information, and job seekers will also appreciate the wealth of resources available to help them.
...a job board listings jobs in Christian ministry in the US and Canada. Jobs cover the occupational spectrum from ministers to writers to business administrators, but all function in the ministry and are in organizations affiliated with various Christian faiths (schools, camps, churches) or target services and resources for this group. A free service of Providence College & Theological Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba (Canada).
...nice site advertising various positions in churches across the US and Canada. I like that they add size of church, and worship style to the job search criteria, but you can also opt to search by the many categories on the front page (scroll down to see the full list on the left). Recent ads as well as recent resumes are featured on the front page, so be prepared for a very public presence if you post your resume here. Jobs can be listed for as long as 6 months, so you may want to check that an older position is still open before applying. Smaller congregations get a break on the price of postings.

National Women's Studies Association
..."committed to the support and promotion of feminist teaching, research, and professional and community service at the pre-K through post-secondary levels." They envision "a world in which all persons can develop to their fullest potential and be free from all the ideologies and structures that consciously and unconsciously oppress and exploit some for the advantage of others." Among the many informative and helpful resources and services offered through the website is an employment database with academic openings in women's studies / gender studies, women's research or resource centers, and joint appointments cover more than one discipline or department. These include several announcements of graduate and postdoctoral fellowships.

H-Net Job Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences
...covers positions in History and other fields in the Humanities and social sciences. A new Job Guide is posted each Monday and includes primarily academic jobs. However, they also list many research grants, fellowships, internships, and other scholarly opportunities. H-Net is "an interdisciplinary organization of scholars dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. "

American Association of Museums
AAM is the national service organization representing the American museum community. Their web site features information about the association, about museums, and career and employment resources. Under "Resources" you'll find links to an online Reference Library, Web Sites of Interest with links to related organizations, and the Aviso Classifieds. Aviso is their monthly newsletter with employment announcements. These can also be viewed online but only one or two months at a time. Ads can be searched by job area, keyword, and geographic region, and AAM accredited institutions are noted.

MERC -- Museum Employment Resource Center
...job listings for museums and a resume center. He also links to sources for training and conference listings. Nice feature--dates of posting for all job announcements, so you know when it was posted and when it will be removed. Resume posting is done for a fee and cannot exceed 1000 words. in museums all around the world. The default site covers the world, but you can choose to work with just those postings from Canada, the UK, or the US. Check out their client list for a who's who of museums.

ECR Hospitality Recruitment
...specializing in the recruitment of staff -from entry level till top management positions- for 4 & 5 star Hotels & Resort as well as Restaurants around the world. Review current searches and submit your resume if you are qualified and interested.
...thousands of hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, casino jobs, resort jobs, chef jobs, cruise ship jobs, catering jobs & all hospitality industry employment. While this main site includes US and International postings, they also maintain separate sites for Canada and the UK & Ireland. The Job Search form is easy to use. Select the Industries that interest you (or stick with "All"), select the Position Categories that interest you (or stick with "All"), indicate if you are looking for Management, Non-management, or either, then choose your locations (for the US this includes several popular Caribbean and Pacific vacation locations, but "All" is again an option, and you have International options here too). Folks willing to or wanting to relocate to a new country will appreciate this feature. The list of International countries in the Job Search form has an indicator showing that "Jobs from these countries are willing to get work permits." Registration is required only if you want to use their one-button "Reply Online" or set up a Job Detective agent for yourself. While many listings here include the contact information for applications, some do not.

Hospitality Net
... Hotel and Restaurant Information, Food and Beverage Industry also. This site hosts a nice job exchange and place for "position wanted" ads.

Online Sports Career Center
...job opportunities in the sports and recreation industry. Jobs are posted for 3 months or until filled.
...high school and college coaching jobs in all athletic areas. You must sign up for a free membership in order to view the job descriptions, but you can view the job titles and geographic regions before opting to sign in. Looks very good, and as I said, it is free.
...a jobs and careers site especially for marketing professionals. You do not need to register to search the jobs nor to apply for any found here although you are given the option to register and place your resume in the database during the application process. Nice articles on career development, resumes and interviewing, and career research, with additional resources coming soon (April 2005). The site offers international listings (US, Canada, etc), but at the time of review most listings were in the US. in the advertising industry. Registration is not required to search jobs and apply for same, but it is encouraged so your professional resume portfolio can be stored here for easy review by employers. They have 2 levels of "resume" posting, experienced and entry-level. Looks like entry-level gets charged a fee, but I see no mention of same for the experienced folks. However, the experienced folks also get to post their resume and career preferences confidentially. "Only you and Talent Zoo will have access to your account information. When jobs match your experience and career desires, Talent Zoo will notify you." Check out the Salary Monitor, Ad Musings (career and industry advice), and the Rookie Scene. in PR at all levels from internships up. You do not need to register to search the database, but you may find it useful. However, registration means adding your resume to the database, but it also allows you to customize some features on this site. Freelancers are welcome too. Articles on job searching, the PR industry, a nice list of Resources, and much more make this a good site for those in this field.

Jobs4HR for HR professionals. Some very nice jobs.

ASTD: the American Society for Training and Development
...professional association for the T and D community. A public job bank is available to all visitors.

Update Legal Staffing
...permanent and temporary opportunities for attorneys, paralegal/legal assistants, and litigation-support personnel, with varying levels of experience. electronic directory of foundations and other charitable services

Nonprofit Career Network
... dedicated to the nonprofit sector of today's business and economic world. Their web site is a good source of information on nonprofit organizations and job and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Job postings remain online until the employer notified NCN that the position has been filled.

Women in Government Relations
...WGR membership includes over 650 women and men who represent corporations, trade associations, public interest groups, and federal, state and local governments. WGR provides members with the educational programming and major networking opportunities they need to further their career development and professional growth. The job lead bank is only accessible by members, as is the Member directory.

APRA Job Quest, the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement
APRA is an international organization for fundraisers (also called advancement researchers or prospect researchers) who specialize in research and information management. All visitors can view the job listings, and current professionals will appreciate the many resources provided by the association.

NIRA Think Tank Information
The National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) is a policy research organization established to conduct research from an independent standpoint and contribute to the resolution of various complex issues facing contemporary society. Research topics reflect the trends of the times and span a wide range, including politics, economics, international issues, social issues, technology, and local government systems. They provide this no-frills page with links to Think Tanks and Other Policy Research Resources worldwide plus the last two editions of their World Directory of Think Tanks.

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)
... includes over 10,000 public administration practitioners, students, and academics. Their web site is filled with info on public administration, and their Careers section includes their own job database, The Recruiter Online, featuring public administration job openings in government and non-profit organizations, several universities. They also link to many more useful resources for this field.

...daily news and information on unions and organized labor, links to resources, and labor initiatives and activities

USAJobs from OPM
...web page from the Office of Personnel Management with the official job listings for the Federal Government and the salary charts, resume info, etc. Very nice. Make this your first stop if you are looking for a job with the Federal Government. Almost everyone is required to post all open positions here, so it will save you a lot of time and effort. However, since many departments and agencies list openings on their own web sites, we have provided a short list of sources to help you locate and connect with these individual sites.

Careers in Government
... a clearinghouse of information, resources and jobs available in public sector organizations in America and abroad. Provides access to all kinds of jobs in government and the public sector, including positions with many county and municipal agencies. Search by keyword and other criteria, or by employer and location. Register to have job postings of interest automatically e-mailed to you or to submit your resume. Also included is a helpful list of related associations.

jobs in all kind of government positions (local, state, Feds, military, etc). You can do a quicksearch on the front page or go to the real job search board to specify a location. My only problem with this site is I am seeing jobs that are up to a year old, so check the dates before you apply.