Northeastern University

Taking Classes While On Co-op

For those of you who might want to take a class while on co-op….there are some things you should know.

Whenever work and student activity conflict while you are on Co-op, the needs of your job must come first. You may enroll in classes that take place outside of your regular working hours. However, you should check with your academic adviser in advance or review your individual program's policies. If you are interested in taking a course that interferes with your Co-op commitment, you must petition and receive approval from both your Co-op faculty coordinator and your employer prior to accepting your Co-op position.

  • You can take one class without my permission. If you want to take two, I will want to know from your employer that they are ok with this. .. I also like to talk with you beforehand to make sure it will not interfere with your work

  • If you want to take TWO classes while on co-op you have to fill out a petition and I have to sign it…(for one class - I do not have to sign anything)

  • Taking classes while on co-op can be expensive… you will be billed on the per credit hour rate see this link

  • Most of the time financial aid cannot cover classes while on co-op (more info is pasted below from the CAMD Director of Academic Services, Adam - thanks Adam!)…"Several types of financial aid aren’t available for students in this situation, but sometimes their loans can be used. Have the student talk to their individual financial aid counselor to see what’s possible based on their specific award situation.”