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Parking Discounts

NU PARKING DISCOUNTS FOR THOSE ON CO-OP in Locations and/or on Shifts That Make Having a Car a Necessity

In order to assist students interested in co-op positions that, because of location or non-standard business hours, or both, make availability of a personal vehicle a necessity, Northeastern University will provide a discount of 50% of the on-campus overnight parking fees for the duration of the co-op assignment.

Central Co-op working with Enrollment Management will provide these discounts to each College, which will make the waivers available through the co-op coordinators based on the following criteria:

  • The co-op position is in a location, or involves working a shift, or both, that makes availability of a vehicle a necessity.
  • The employer does not provide transportation assistance or an additional stipend to cover the cost of transportation to the location
  • The student has not had a car that he or she kept on campus overnight prior to the start of the co-op assignment.

  • Co-op coordinators who determine that a student is eligible for this discount will forward the name of the student to Co-op Connections. Co-op Connections will notify all eligible students when applications for the upcoming period are available. At that time, students should apply for parking on-line as they normally would. The full price will be charged to his or her account, but an amount equal to 50% of the parking fee will be credited to the account within two business days.

    Updated: January 12, 2011

  • Look here for NU Parking fees, application, etc.


    To start the process for each student email the following parking information to your co-op coordinator. They will forward it to the correct person.

  • Student Name:
  • Student ID:
  • Co-op Company & Company Address:
  • Length of co-op (start-end dates):
  • Students’ Email:
  • Did the student have a car on campus the previous academic semester?(Yes) or (No)?